On-line atmospheric dispersion modeling laboratory for OpenShift alpha

The purpose of this application is to demonstrate that running of complex scientific models can be conducted also from the web environment using a small home-made cluster powered by multiple OpenShift gears.


Distributed computational framework originally developed for DSS was modified for deployment on OpenShift and powers a simple Gaussian puff model simulating aerial propagation of a radioactive noble gas 41Ar.

Cloud Based

The framework runs on multiple OpenShift gears. One gear serves CherryPy web-server providing web interface and a task manager serving a task queue. Tasks inserted into the queue by users are processed by computatinal nodes (workers) hosted on different gears.


All source codes including deployment scripts were released under GPL 2 licence and are available on Bitbucket. As a great by-product, a Cherrypy application template for an easy start of CherryPy application development on OpenShift was created.